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Convenient storage rental unit locations & affordable rates will keep your storage experience seamless

We have storage rental unit locations throughout central Wisconsin including:

Columbus, Fall River, Waterloo & Marshall

Storage Locations

We have 4 convenient storage rental unit locations for you to choose from: Columbus, Fall River, Waterloo & Marshall. Please click on a location below for more info including sizes, rates & availability:

*Click to see sizes, rates & availabilities

*Click to see sizes, rates & availabilities

*Click to see sizes, rates & availabilities

*Click to see sizes, rates & availabilities

Storage Questions

Storage Rental FAQ

Here are commonly asked questions regarding renting a storage unit. Please click on a question to read the answer. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I rent a storage unit and what will I need?

It’s easy and fast! Our customers can rent online. Simply click on the available unit, make payment, and fill out the rental agreement. A code will be texted to you to unlock the unit. Otherwise, you can call and set up a time to meet to see the unit, fill out the rental agreement and take care of payment (check or cash). It usually only takes about 10 minutes or so.

How long is the rental agreement?

The lease is month-to-month. If you are in the unit on the first of the month, the lease automatically renews and payment is due. It is our policy that there is not a prorated refund for rent if moving out during the month.

How do I know what size to rent?

Our most popular size is a 10X21 (or bigger) which is about the size of a single car garage. This size accommodates customers who are in the process of moving a household of items (furniture, appliances, boxes, garage items, etc) or simply need a place for a boat, vehicle, etc. Our smallest units, a 5X10, are a good size for storing boxes and maybe a piece of furniture. We have various sizes in between to accommodate all your storage needs.

What are the door sizes and heights?

Door sizes and heights vary from 36 inches to 12 feet wide to 8 feet to 12 feet tall. Ceilings are vaulted to accommodate extra space and stackable storage.

When can I rent a storage unit?

We are locally owned and have very flexible hours to accommodate all work schedules Monday thru Saturday. Mornings, afternoons or evening times available.

When do I have access to the facility?

There is 24/7 access.

What forms of payment do you accept, and how do I pay?

Payments can easily be made online on thru our website using credit/debit card. Otherwise, we accept check, cash (not thru mail, in person only and receipt of payment provided), or money order. Payments may be mailed to: P.O Box 139, Fall River WI 53932

Will I receive a monthly bill?

We do not send a monthly bill; payments are always due at the first of the month.

Do you require a security deposit?


How do I get my security deposit back?


Are there any discounts offered?

Yes, if you pay for the year in full, you will get the twelfth month free. You can also pay semi–annually; pay for the first six months in full and pay for the next five months in full and get the six months free. Reminder bills are sent for annual and semi-annual leases.

Are there refunds if the storage unit is not used for the full year if paid in full?

Yes, it is our policy to refund all full months that have not be used when given proper vacating notice. We do not refund prorated partial months and also not the free month.

How do I secure my unit?

You provide your own padlock.

What if I lose my key (The Space Store)?

In the event of a lost key (for customers that are currently using our lock system) we can switch a different lock and key in the unit with an additional cost of $15.

What am I not allowed to store?

Flammable, explosive, or illicit materials are not allowed. Occupying the unit as living quarters is prohibited by law and is cause for immediate eviction.

Are there security cameras?

Not at this point.

Are my items in storage covered under the storage unit’s insurance?

No, we do not insure any items for any reasons that are stored in the storage units. We suggest you contact your homeowner’s/renter’s insurance regarding storage unit rentals.

What is the procedure for snow removal in the winter?

We try to snow plow within 24 hours of a snow storm. We do not shovel out each individual storage door.

Does your storage facility accommodate large moving trucks and tractor-trailers?

Yes, our facilities can handle even the largest tractor-trailers.

Is it easy to terminate the lease?

Yes, a fifteen day notice in writing is required before the end of the last month of rental use. At that time, all items need to be removed, unit swept out, and locks and key returned (The Space Store). Security deposit will be returned via mail.

What information is needed for the rental agreement?

For the rental agreement, you will need a photo ID, such as a driver’s license, an address and phone number where you can be reached. You will receive a copy of the agreement which needs to be signed and contains information about many of the following questions below in detail.

Pay Online

You can pay for your storage rental unit online manually by clicking the button below. Please add $3.00 on top of the dues as a convenience fee for paying online. Thank you!

Helpful Tips: Storage Rental Units

Here are some tips for successful storage rental unit usage.

Please click a headline below and read our helpful tips for you.

Box Sizes

Use boxes of similar size. They’re easier to unload, to stack and to pack up again. Remember to stack heavy boxes on the bottom. When possible use a pallet because of the temperature changes can cause concrete to feel wet.

Easy Access

Always leave a walkway into your storage unit. You want to have easy access to all items in the unit without having to move anything around.

Insurance Coverage

Call your home owners or rental insurance company to check if your property is covered or do you have to have extra insurance for just your storage unit. We do not carry insurance on your property and do not take responsibility. PURCHASE PROPERTY INSURANCE.

Air Space

Leave air space between your items and the wall to increase air circulation in the unit.

Wooden Pallets

Store your property entirely off the concrete floor on pallets or 2×4’s. Periodically unheated units may have condensation on floor. Stack boxes on top of wooden pallets to help prevent condensation.


Use mattress bags; always store your mattress flat on the ground and inside a protective plastic bag. This will protect it from damage and from becoming deformed. For furniture use dust covers. Never use plastic, it can collect moisture and cause mildew.

Detracting Pests

* Do not use pest deterrents, they will ATTRACT rodents. Use fabric softener strips around sofa’s and such, it will do the trick.


Do not store a battery where it will be exposed to sparks or open flames, nor where it is exposed to children.


Place blocks under the front and rear suspension so that tires do not contact ground.

Drain Fuel

Drain gasoline from fuel tank, fuel lines, and carburetor to reduce the fire hazard and to prevent gumming of the fuel as it evaporates.

Windshield Wipers

Remove windshield wiper arms and blades and store in vehicle or store straight out. Keep cardboard on floor under engine.


If storing a refrigerator, leave the door ajar to prevent mold from growing inside.

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